The Castle, Dim Çayi, Damlatas Caves, long beaches, sun, clean water an deven a lot more pieces of beauty make a holiday spend in Alanya an unforgettable on efor the tourists. From early morning until the afternoon you can sunbathe at the beaches, swim in the sea, or to spend time you can cool down and do some shopping, in the evening until late at night you can enjoy yourself in the numerous places there to entertain you. Just as much as the historcal and naturel beauties of Alanya there are also sports activities which attract the eye. International beach volley, street basketball, the triathlon, handball on the grass and similar sporting activities are also taken place in Alanya.
This gigantic county, soon become a city itself, is the most important touristic center of the Mediterranean region.It is preferable to divide Alanya in two parts as Eski (the Old) and Yeni (the New) Alanya.

Eski Alanya was found on the top and sides of the high peninsula dividing the county into two parts. As for the castle overviewing the town on both sides, it is probably the most attractive spot. The castle walls are going up for 6,5 km to the top of the Inner Castle which was initially built during the Hellenistic period but raised futher, fortified and furnished with 110 towers during the Seljukid period.
As for Yeni Alanya, it extends towards the East and West of the peninsula. The beach begins towards Antalya and interrupts for a while by the peninsula. It extends further f.or many kilometers towards Gazipapa. This strech constitutes the main zone of construction in Alanya.

Ulas Beach
5 km away from Alanya there is on the left side Karayollary Ulas Park and the clean Ulas Beach, one of the most important beaches in the whole region.

There are tables, fireplaces, seats and comfort stations for everybody to have a picnic. You can stop here to relax, to look at the Alanya Castle and to take photos of it. Also you can swim here.

Sinek Castle
Leaving Ulas village on the right side you will arrive after a 7 km travel on road Elikesik village. During your trip you need a guide, take one with you.

Hamoxia (Fly Castle) Ancient City:
The border of Elikesik village is surrounded by traces of old houses and walls necropolis of Hamoxia.
At the 22nd km of Alanya-Antalya motorway there is a town named Avsallar Kasabasý (town). The region which starts at Avsallar and continues right up to the Alara stream is called Ýncekum.

The territory is a charmed landscape of pinewoods, cypresses and a fine strip of sand.

The travel consultants and agents try to highlight these natural assets with vested interests in the region to make their marketing effort of Ýncekum in contrast to Alanya, which is poor of natural richness.

Incekum Region is a good sanctuary for those people who don´t want to have the multi-lingual crowd of Alanya. Although there exist nearly 25 three and four star hotels the architectural appearance of the territory is not that of a soiled touristic center. The comfort don´t interfere the nature, they are rather in harmony with each other.

The camping ground and the beach which are inside the forest are called Ýncekum, 24km away from Alanya. The region is named by this location.


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