Turkey , where the two continents - Europe and Asia- meet, is a wonderful country which is surrounded by Agean, Black, Mediterranean and Marmara seas, has very nice coastal locations, whose land had been the cradle of the oldest civilisations and religions. Furthermore, life in Turkey is easy and Turkey is one of the three OECD countries with the cheapest prices. People in Turkey are warm and hospitable to all foreigners. You can find very wide range of delicious food. The sun, lovely nature, nice beaches, exciting outdoor and entertainment activities, winter sports (in inner parts in winter time), skiing, water, mountain sports, big modern shopping malls, and lots of sightseeing and historical places are all appealing features of Turkey.

According to the Constitution, the characteristics of the Republic of Turkey are defined as democratic, secular and social state governed by the rule of law; bearing in mind the concepts of public peace, national solidarity and justice; respecting human rights; loyal to the nationalism of Atatürk. That's why, the State is fair for all residents regardless of their religion, social background, ethnicity, gender, and culture.

Moreover, future projects such as creation of much more congress, golf, health tourism centres, holding international sports events such as Formula 1 races in Turkey, and the `accession to EU` process are potential factors which will contribute well to property market in Turkey.

In this regard, buying a property in Turkey can really lead to substantial amount of gains if an appropriate decision is made. Since property prices are steadily going upwards, there will be a significant difference between the acquisition cost and the money you will get when you sell it. Moreover, your property is likely to amortise its acquisition cost within at most 8-to-12 years if it is rent out properly. Charging mparatively low taxes on property is another advantage of the Turkish property market.

As a result, the interest of foreigners in buying a property in Turkey has been growing. They buy real estate for either investment or residential purposes. There are very quiet, healthy, secure and cheap places for old people to live whereas there are very good job opportunities for qualified people who would like to work or to lish their own enterprise.


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