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Ann Marshall 30.09.2016

Hello, I am due to stay at your lovely hotel on Sunday 2nd October 2016 for a 7 night stay.
I a, due this arrive late night and I am just wondering whether it's possible to reserve some bottled water or if there a shop open near by at around 1am as we would have. Even travelling 6 hours without a drink. Thank you.

See you soon. Mrs Ann Marshall.

Celina 22.05.2016

Such a nice hotel with a lovely staff and a great atmosphere!

Thank you for the best week ever!

shebpea 18.04.2016

. We miss all of you at Azak Beach so much and want to say Thank you again for the 5 star service and best holiday ever!

Dezty 20.12.2015

It is wonderful that you've rtnecnecoed with your mother. You both look so happy. My own mother died in 1998, so I'll never have the opportunity to see her or confide in her again. I do have fine memories though, for which I am grateful. I hope this trip to visit your mother will be the first of many for you. One day, she will be gone, and your opportunity will be lost to enjoy the love you two obviously share between each other. So make the best of it while you can. Blessing to you both.

Jesper Sejer Andersen 01.10.2015
Jesper Sejer Andersen

Nice hotel and good service.Where there in 21.June-5.july 2015 and is coming back now 1-15 October 2015

mahmut 10.01.2015

muhteşem otel ve konum......başta otel sahibinin babası,otel sahibi ve işetme müdürü olmak üzere teşekürlerimi sunar .saygılar sunarım.....

Marketa 29.06.2014

Azak beach club is the best place to eat and relax during a day on the beach and also in the evening when is a special show. Especially I do really appreciate very friendly but professional access to guests. Thanks to Hüseyin for everything.

Benny 01.02.2014

See you in April - I am looking forward to it!!

Peggy 09.05.2012

Best hotel on the beach in alanya


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